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New Website Coming Soon!

Marigold fans,

We're really excited to let you know that we are working on a new website using our updated branding. The new site will have a clean modern look making it easier to read, and it will feature more of our newest items in the shop!  We will keep a regularly updated blog page posting about the latest events in the shop and around the community and sharing fabulous fashion tips. Best of all (to us and we hope you'll agree), it will be formatted to read well on a cell phone as well as a desktop (woo!).  More and more of our customers are searching for fashions on their phone, so we think it's high time we joined the club.

Over all, we're just really jazzed to make the whole experience on Marigold's website reflect the quality service we bring to you in our shop.

Stay tuned for the final product!


the Marigals

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Get to Know Your Marigals!

This year we'll feature a different 'Marigal' every month, getting to know them, learning why they love Marigold and how they contribute to the magic of our shop!


We decided to kick off our feature with our Marketing guru, Mary Beth Mullens!

Mary Beth has been at Marigold for almost 3 years. She is a driving force behind every email, postcard, sign, ad and logo you see. If she's not downstairs helping customers, she's upstairs creating marketing magic!

She is our design gal by day and super mom...well all the time!! She has an adorable and giggly one year old son named Oliver. Her family is very involved in the Broad Ripple hood. MB designs for organizations like The Broad Ripple Village Association, Broad Ripple Farmers Market, Bill Brink Memorial Garden and MORE! Her husband Jonathon is the Head Brewer at The Broad Ripple Brewpub next door. Cornell Avenue is an awesome place to hangout, thanks to the Mullens gang!

Mary Beth likes working at Marigold because it's a great hub for the community and provides unique clothes you can't find anywhere else! Her favorite things include fashion, movies, craft beer and Star Wars. Her favorite line at Marigold is Effie's Heart (pictured) because of the vintage inspired silhouette and whimsical patterns! 

Mary Beth, thank you for modeling Marigold like a true runway model, making us feel better when we go for that second donut, and providing us with the cutest 'Maribaby' to love! We love you!

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Free Gift Wrap!

Let our happy elves take the stress out of your holiday shopping!


We are happy to offer FREE GIFT WRAP on any item you purchase in our store! Just let us know at the desk!


Peace, Love & Joy this Holiday Season!

From the Marigals

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