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Pop-Up Art Show with Angela Edwards

Join us Saturday, June 18 from 1-3pm for a Pop-Up Art Show with local designer Angela Edwards!

(Please note: this Saturday we are also hosting a Give Back Day in honor of Juneteenth - 10% of Sales Donated to Center of Wellness for Urban Women)

Stop in 1-3pm on June 18 at Marigold to meet Angela and shop her unique gemstone jewelry bar + upcycled clothing, jewelry and accessories. Indie Art Pharmacy adds a little bit of anything and everything vintage in their many creations!

Many of Angela's materials are sourced from her parents' eclectic shop, a treasure trove of wonders rooted in the east side of Indy since the 1980s.

One of her most popular designs is a gemstone jewelry bar that involves picking an empty glass vial on a silver necklace chain, and filling it with your choice of various semi-precious earthy gemstones & crystals! 

Create a vintage vial necklace filled with the energy you need!

She also makes fantastic earrings out of recycled vinyl records!

Angela is excited about all the artistic energy (and fun) that goes into her upcycled goods. Indie Art Pharmacy's artfully made and gathered goods will bring a smile to your face, brighten your surroundings, and introduce a healthy dose of whimsy and creativity to your life!

About Angela A. Edwards:
Angela is a mixed-media artist based in Indianapolis. Since embarking in a career in the arts as a professional graphics designer, and illustrator at The Indianapolis Star 25 years ago, and later as an adjunct instructor, she has been incorporating traditional and digital art techniques to create fine art as well as decorative art to adorn the body and the home. She lives to create, and loves facilitating ways of self-expression, whether by providing clothing, jewelry, and decor, offering hands-on art instruction, or a mash-up of of both!